Saturday, 15 September 2012

Counter Strike Global Offencive ( Pc Game )

Counter-Strike: Worldwide Bad (CS: GO) will increase when the team-based motion gameplay that it pioneered any time it was released 12 rice.


CS: GO functions brand-new routes, personas, and also weaponry and also gives current types from the classic CS content material (de_dust, etc. ). Also, CS: GO will expose brand-new gameplay modalities, internet dating, boss forums, plus much more.


"Counter-Strike had taken the games industry by amaze if the less likely MOD grew to become one of the most played on the web PC motion game on this planet almost immediately after its discharge in August 1999, inches mentioned Doug Lombardi in Control device. "For the past 12 years, it's remained one of several most-played games on this planet, head line aggressive games competitions and also promoting above twenty five zillion units throughout the world over the franchise. CS: GO guarantees in order to increase about CS' award-winning gameplay and also provide the item in order to avid gamers within the PC in addition to the up coming gen consoles and the Macintosh.

System Requirements:
    • OS: Windows® 7/Vista/XP
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom™ X3 8750 processor or better
    • Memory: 1GB XP / 2GB Vista
    • Hard Disk Space: At least 7.6GB of SpaceVideo Card: Video card must be 256 MB or more and should be a DirectX 9-compatible with support for Pixel Shader 3.0

    Counter Strike Global Offencive Part - 1

    Counter Strike Global Offencive Part - 2

    Wednesday, 12 September 2012

    Tekken 6 Full Version ( Pc Game )

    FEATURESThe latest chapter in one of the most popular fighting franchises in the world, “TEKKEN,” a series that has sold 33 million units worldwide, is coming for the first time to PC. “TEKKEN 6” is the newest addition to the 3-D fighting series “TEKKEN,” popular for its immersive storyline with characters featuring distinctive personalities as they fight it out at incredible speeds. Starting with the launch of the arcade version in 1994, “TEKKEN” has evolved into a highly acclaimed worldwide franchise, and “TEKKEN 6,” appearing on PC, is the first multiplatform title in the “TEKKEN” series.

    • Gorgeous Graphics! – The advanced high definition graphics and 3D animation technologies create the most impressive HD visuals in Tekken history.
    • The Largest Character Roster Ever! – Master 40 unique fighters representing the world’s top martial arts styles! The character line-up includes 34 beloved characters, such as Jin, Heihachi and Kazuya, as well as 6 brand new characters with unique fighting styles and combo systems!
    • Compete and Battle Globally! – Prove your supremacy with the online VS mode or engage in revolutionary online co-op battles against A.I. controlled enemies with your friends globally!
    • Brand New Action Game Mode: Venture beyond the traditional boundaries of a fighting game in the brand new Scenario Campaign Mode. Jump into single player or two player online co-op campaigns to experience the intense drama and large-scale battles that unfold.
    • Endless Possibilities to Customize! – Create new characters and customize them with every imaginable detail. Customize their hairstyles, apparel, fashion accessories, tattoos, etc. Then take your own ultimate fighters online in VS mode or Co-Op mode!
    • Dynamic, Interactive, Destructible Environments – Punch your enemies through concrete walls or kick them through floors to open a whole new battleground. The stages go through dynamic changes ranging from a sudden attack helicopter crash to vehicle explosions!

    "Power is Everything."
    This is the law of Tekken. All seek it. All are consumed by it. In the end, all bow to its immutable logic. Each warrior has a unique motivation for entering the 6th King of the Iron Fist Tournament: Respect. Vengeance. Honor. Righteousness. Family....!!!
    * Power alone will lead them to victory.
    * Power alone will bring all foes to their knees.

    Tekken 6 Full Version

    UEFA EURO 2012 ( Pc Game )

    The official large-scale addition to the most famous football simulator FIFA 12 today offers you a unique chance to speak at one of the major championships of the planet - UEFA EURO 2012. You are waiting for corporate passions and the atmosphere of this event. Surviving the exciting moments of real matches, as well as create their own "dream team" and bring it to the highest step of the podium in the new regime Expedition - what could be better? Champions UEFA EURO 2012 Take part in the struggle of fifty-three teams and lead his country to the championship. Participate in all eight official stadiums in Poland and Ukraine, where this summer will unfold this football feast. virtual "Euro" Speak for your country in a network championship. Take the test and the qualifying stages will go undefeated in a series of the playoffs. The only way to win the title UEFA EURO 2012.

     Always up to date service EA SPORTS Football Club will provide a continuous update of FIFA 12 in accordance with the events of the current football season and will take part in the most memorable episodes.During the UEFA EURO 2012 tournament system will support the relevance of the game, allowing you to - albeit virtually - turn the tide in their favor. Battlefield - Europe Gather your team and manage it in an entirely new mode Expedition, where you will be able to resist other European countries. Make your favorite player or character of the European FIFA 12 Virtual Pro captain and work out the perfect strategy for the conquest of Europe. 

    Involve the players in his team defeated countries. Defeat all national teams and bring its membership to the title of best in Europe. unforgettable sight in the UEFA EURO 2012 is fully embodied the grandeur and scope of the official tournament, as well as all eight licensed stadiums.The atmosphere of complete bursts of confetti, waving flags and roaring fireworks - feel themselves at the center of the major soccer events in the virtual lawn of Ukraine and Poland! Gameplay, time-tested UEFA EURO 2012 - the official addition to the representations is not in need of football simulator FIFA 12. 

    A virtual copy of the UEFA EURO 2012 created the technology Player Impact Engine, and uses the revolutionary innovations, such as Precision Dribbling, Tactical Defending, and Pro Player Intelligence.

                                                             UEFA EURO 2012

    King of Fighters XIII ( Pc Game )

    King of Fighters XIII PC Game - With the triumphant return of fan favorite characters like Mai, K', and Vice, extensive refinement of the core fighting engine based on community feedback, and vastly improved network functionality, The King of Fighters XIII represents the HD entry in the series that fans have been waiting for.


    King of Fighters XIII PC Game - Painstaking effort has been made to address every last concern following the last entry: fights play faster; the addition of over a half dozen play modes offers variety and replayability; the game's beautifully rendered and animated character sprites are better distinguished from the backgrounds--which happen to be richer and more detailed; the camera perspective is less restricted; fighters have more moves, including new supers and the all-new Neomax supers; and much, much more.

    System Requirements:
    • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Embedded SP2, Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7
    • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 651/Celeron E6400/Pentium 4 D 352 (up to latest Core 2 CPUs supported by the chipset)
    • RAM: DDR2 667/800MHz (up to 4GB)
    • GPU: 256 MB ATI Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce X1600Pro/X1300LE 7900GS/7600GS/7300GS, up to latest graphic cards (Radeon HD 3800 or Geforce 9800 series) 

    King of Fighters XIII

    Tuesday, 11 September 2012

    Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Full Version

    Adobe Photoshop 7.0 software, the professional image-editing standard, helps you work more efficiently, explore new creative options, and produce the highest quality images for print, the Web, and anywhere else. Create exceptional imagery with easier access to file data; streamlined Web design; FASTER, professional-quality photo retouching; and more.adobe distiller 7.0 Adobe Photoshop 7.0 helps you stay competitive with innovative tools that deliver new ways to express your creativity and work efficiently. With Photoshop 7.0, you can more easily produce exceptional imagery for print, the Web, wireless devices, and other media.Photoshop 7.0 rounds out its comprehensive toolset with new capabilities to meet any creative or production demand and to handle the widest variety of image-editing tasks in the most efficient way. With enhanced Web features, you can instantly make Web page elements transparent simply by knocking out one or more colors; create dithered transparencies; manage Web page rollovers and animations; and create more sophisticated Web rollovers. Powerful new tools help you explore your creativity without limits so you can more easily meet the Multimedia demands of today's market. Simulate traditional painting techniques (including pastels and charcoal) with dry and wet brush effects and much more....!!!

    Adobe Photoshop 7.0

    The King of Fighters 2001 Full Version ( Pc Game )

    The King of Fighters 2001: Spend some time with it and you'll eventually realize that it's one of the deepest, most technical 2D fighting games ever made.

    Arcade-game developer SNK officially went out of business in 2001, but that hasn't seemed to slow down what is apparently a new generation of games for the company's NeoGeo arcade hardware. One of the last projects the company was working on was The King of Fighters 2001, the latest edition in SNK's annual fighting game series, along with a new developer, Eolith. And while certain aspects of KOF 2001 may seem very different from previous games, spend some time with it and you'll eventually realize that it's one of the deepest, most technical 2D fighting games ever made.

    It's no secret that SNK's NeoGeo hardware is old. Over 10 years old. That's why its games still use low-resolution, hand-drawn sprites for its characters, rather than switching to a 3D engine or at least using high-frame-rate, high-resolution graphics. The age of the NeoGeo hardware seems painfully obvious when you look at KOF 2001's shoddy background stages, which look generic at best and ugly and pixelated at worst. But over the years, SNK's artists have perfected a bunch of visual tricks to help add detail to their characters and give them lots of personality. And KOF 2001's characters have lots of personality--as much as you'd expect from SNK, a company with a history of making some of the most distinctive and memorable 2D fighting game characters ever. You'll see it in your character's win poses and taunts and in other extra animations. It's true (and unfortunate) that KOF 2001 reuses a lot of old character animation from previous games, so that some characters--especially the newest ones--look better than others. But most characters have at least some new animations, win poses, and special attacks--more than enough to make each one more interesting than they were in the previous game, KOF 2000.

    Another KOF tradition is good voice acting; KOF 2001's voice work is about as good as it was in 2000. Sullen, moody characters like Iori and Kyo snarl and sneer appropriately, while upbeat, smart-mouthed characters like Ramon and Joe hurl insults at their opponents and laugh in their faces. KOF 2001's sound effects are pretty much adequate; they resemble those from previous years, which is just fine. Quick jabs sound like quick jabs, strong punches sound like strong punches, and KOF's infamous suite of flashy explosions and fiery bursts of flame sound just like you'd expect them to. Unfortunately, KOF 2001's music isn't as good. From the series' beginning in 1994, its soundtracks were eclectic mixes of funk, jazz, '80s-style guitar rock, and heavy metal, though in later years, the soundtracks have degenerated into generic techno music. KOF's music is at an all-time low in 2001. Though it tries to hold to a theme of mostly bass and percussion, it all ends up being the same kind of bland, forgettable techno music you've heard about a zillion times in every other video game with a techno soundtrack.

    Fortunately, if you play KOF 2001, you'll probably ignore the game's awful background stages and mediocre music, because you'll be too busy fighting it out to notice anything else. KOF 2001 has a roster of 40 different playable characters, but they're all remarkably well balanced; you can pit just about any of them against any other and have a fair fight. And every character has enough special attacks and strategies to be interesting--unlike in KOF 2000 and KOF '99, which simply dumbed down a lot of characters to favor the new striker system. Strikers--extra characters that you call in from offscreen to do a single attack or two--are still in KOF 2001, but they're much more balanced than in previous games and are actually completely optional in 2001. Basically, the game gives you four character slots, and you can choose as many playable characters as you want--four playable characters with no strikers, two playable characters and two strikers, and so on. If you don't pick any strikers, you characters will do less damage and won't be able to perform their most powerful super attacks; if you pick one or more strikers, you'll be able to do more damage and access super attacks, but you'll have fewer playable characters on your team. It's a system that resembles Capcom vs. SNK 2's ratio system, but it's much more balanced.

    But that isn't all. KOF 2001 also has super cancel attacks, which let you quickly cancel a special attack and turn it into a super attack, as in Street Fighter EX and Street Fighter III. 2001 also has "wire attacks," which bounce your opponent off the corner of the screen and let you quickly hit your opponent with a follow-up attack, like the wall juggles in Guilty Gear X. You'll find plenty of skills to master in KOF 2001 without getting into the specifics of each of your favorite characters, though you'll definitely want to do that too, especially with some of the new characters in the game. For instance, the newcomer Mei Lee is a martial artist with two completely distinct fighting stances that you can switch between in an instant, while another newcomer, Angel, is a completely original and completely bizarre character with a huge set of special attacks that are keyed off of a single kick. And if you're playing the game at your arcade, you should actually be able to play some decent practice rounds in a single-player game, since the computer opponents generally aren't too tough, at least until you get to the end. The final battle with KOF 2001's boss character is probably the most insanely difficult and frustrating fight in the entire series. But if you're lucky enough to play KOF 2001 at an arcade with some actual competition, you'll find that the game holds up extremely well in head-to-head play.

    Most King of Fighters diehards will tell you that '98 was the best game in the series because of its excellent character balance and its huge character roster (38 characters, plus 12 "alternate" versions of some characters) of very deep, interesting characters. KOF 2001 doesn't have the sort of flat-out character-against-character matchups that '98 did, because of its strikers and its varying team sizes, but it's still a great game in its own right. Its different options, striker and wire attacks, and sizeable character roster will let you play KOF 2001 for a good long time before you tire of it--and they also help make KOF 2001 one of the deepest 2D fighting games ever.

    The King of Fighters 2001

    Tuesday, 4 September 2012

    Demon Tools Pro Advance With Patch

    With DAEMON Tools you can back up your physical CD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray discs into "virtual discs" or so called "disc image" files, which run directly on your hard drive. You can also work with images created by other burning programs! DAEMON Tools supports variety of image types. Use CD/DVD image converter to have one format images in your Image Catalog!


    1. Emulate virtual CD/DVD-ROM/HD DVD and Blu-ray drives
    DAEMON Tools Lite [Commercial] enables you to emulate up to 4 CD/DVD virtual drives on your PC. Virtual drives will appear in your OS just like real ones. Select a virtual drive then choose a disc image you want to mount. Find the created virtual drive with mounted disc image in My Computer. Start working! Looks like working with a real drive and a real disc, doesn't it? Yes, but it is much faster!


    2. Create a disc image
    With DAEMON Tools Lite [Commercial] you can create ISO and MDS image files from original discs inserted in physical CD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray drives. Or use images you have created earlier with other program. DAEMON Tools products work with variety of image types.
    Key features
    • creates *.iso and *.mds images;
    • emulates up to 4 virtual CD/DVD drives;
    • performs image mounting and unmounting;
    • supports *.b5t, *.b6t, *.bwt, *.ccd, *.cdi, *.cue, *.nrg, *.pdi, *.isz;
    • offers powerful command line interface.

    Install Note Patch Or Keygen:

    If Your Anti-Virus Detect Virus Then Please Disable your Anti-Virus During Patch.. Patches Are Not A Virus Or Trojan. Patches and Keygen Made By By-Passing The Original Registration Of Softwares Show Anti-Virus Detect It As Trojan Or Virus.So Use Patches Or Keygen Without Any Tension Which Downloaded From Hacker Zone ...Thanks

    DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced (Multilanguage) FİNAL

    Demon Tools Pro Advance

    Demon Tools Pro Advance Patch