Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Android OS For PC

Mobile phones under the android platform always deserve a best place in market. Smart phones have the tendency to make it flexible on every other medium. For instance, you can use android phone as a webcam. After experiencing android in your smart phone you can also try the android OS  in your netbook or laptop and here is the procedure to experiment it. You can actually install it on yourmemory cards or flash drives and then start test with android OS on your system.
Download android from Android-x86 and copy it in your flash drive or memory card. Scroll down and download it from the stable release section of the site. This will download an ISO file from the website. Also Make sure your memory device having memory more than 256MB and make your memory drive clean before copying android into it.
Step 1: You need UNetbootin (Universal Netboot Installer) to run android on your system. It is available for all the leading operating systems.
Step 2: Insert your drive which you going to install your android OS. UNetbootin extracts the ISOfile of android OS which you downloaded and install it in the target disk.
Step 3: After selecting the target disk, android will start extracting from ISO file and gets installed in your disk. Now your flash drive will get installed with android OS. This may take few minutes depending on the speed of your flash drive.

Step 4: Setup is done and now Reboot your system with the flash drive.
Step 5: install APK files on Android.

How to Change Boot Order in BIOS....?

In default it will be available to boot from your hard drive. So press F2 on reboot of your system. Go to Boot menu in the BIOS setup and change the boot setup to boot from removable disc. Thenpress F10 to save your changes and exit from BIOS setup. Now your system will restart and boot from your removable disc. This will bring a menu in front of you with the following options.
Select Live CD- Run Android-x86 without installation. Then your Android OS will start booting and you need to wait for few minutes until it gets loaded. After a couple of minutes you will straightly get into your personal desktop. The default applications will be available on the home screen and for more applications go to menu and select the applications you need.
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How to use Android on PC ?

By default android gives you access to webcam and Wi-Fi. So that after entering into the menu you can install the apps you need. You can carry your memory card or flash drive to anywhere and use your own android OS. But your apps installed will be gone when you reboot your system or when you put your removable device in another system. This provides a better interface for the persons who are all using the public systems.

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